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**Fast Play taken from Kyle Gilbreth and Fast Model Technologies**

The Miami Heat ran this action late in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals vs. the Chicago Bulls.

The Heat ran this set almost every time down the floor the last five minutes of the game.  They were really trying to get Kyle Korver X1 to get switched onto Lebron James (3)


The “FastPlay of the Day” by Fast Model Technologies  comes from the Miami Heat. I personally love this action!  (and not just because it’s the Heat…okay maybe! 🙂 )


Two years ago I had the opportunity to go to Ganon Baker’s Coaches Certification class.  For those that do not know Ganon Baker , he is a lover of Christ and is a world traveling skills development coach. (Yes, I said “world”… 44 countries to be exact)

Baker has worked closely with Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Vince Carter, Amar’e Stoudemire, and Deron Williams at each of their Skill Academies and has trained multiple NBA stars such as Chris Paul, Jerryd Bayless, Kevin Durant and Amare Stoudemire to name a few. Specializing in Individual and Team Training, Camps and Instructional DVDs, annually, Ganon Baker and the Pro Trainers of Ganon Baker Basketball, host camps and clinics throughout the world and have authored nearly 50 Instructional Basketball DVDs and counting.

The experience at the coaching certification class was one of the most moving experiences I have had in my life as a coach.  If you want to improve your “coaching game”  this class is for you.  One thing we talked about were general basketball concepts all players should know.  This was one of my favorite sections and I want to share what I learned with you! 🙂

1. What are 4 offensive options for the penetrator  coming off a side pick n roll?

  • Duck-in opposite post or short corner
  • The screener on the roll/pop/early slip
  • Weak-side spot up shooter
  • Reject/split/attack ball screen for shot
2.  When you are on the wing and feeding the post and your defender digs or turns their head to help, where should you cut and why?
  • Elbow to rim to opposite corner
  • Baseline- Opposite corner or wing
  • You should do this for good spacing and to create a long closeout by help defenders
3.  What do you do if your defender hugs or face guards you and you don’t cut?
  • Set or receive a screen or cut baseline to opposite corner
4. Where is the best position to post and why?
  • Midline at the rim – gives you a great angle to make any move to the basket
  • Block/1st hash mark- gives  you a good angle and space for a baseline cutter
5. Where are the 5 kill boxes?  (The highest percentage shots in basketball)
  • Low Post (Both sides)
  • Elbows
  • Midline
6.  When you are at the top of the key with the ball and the wing is denied, how do you get them the ball?
  • Draw defense, penetrate kick
  • Dribble at the wing for back door or hand off
  • Flash a player to high post for a back door cut for wing
  • Dribble them through off a screen
7. What are 3 ways a defender can guard you as a cutter off a down screen and what do you do?
  • If defender is  locking and trailing you curl or stop cut
  • If defender goes over the top of screen- fade or go back door
  • If defender is denying – pop off the screen (Must lean them into screen)
8.  When cutting from one post block to another, what are four ways to get open without a screen and why?
  • If the defender is above you then fake high- swim move- cut low
  • If the defender is blow you then fake low- swim move – cut high
  • If they face guard you – duck under deny arm and push up
  • If they face guard you – step into them and then spin off
9. When posting up, what are 3 ways the defender can guard you and how do you get open?
  • Defense plays behind – you get in a power stance and push them under the rim
  • Defense denies – you swim with your elbow and place it in their armpit – your foot should be in front of their top foot
  • Defense fronts you – signal for ball reversal, step in between their legs with your legs – wedge out with your butt and seal for next pass.
10.  When driving below the block where should the post step to?
  • Midline
  • Elbow
11.  What are 3 things the point guard should always have on their mind during the game on both ends of the floor?
  • The last two possessions
  • The Coach’s Playbook
  • What their team did the last possession on offense and defense
12. Which defenders should you read during one possession when you have the ball?
  • Your defender
  • Help side defender
  • The persons defender who you are passing the ball to
There were  SO many phenomenal teaching points during the 3 day certification. I promise to share them all later.  I will get into position specific things.  Specific post teaching points and drills as well as guards!
Until next time….
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