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**Fast Play taken from Kyle Gilbreth and Fast Model Technologies**

The Miami Heat ran this action late in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals vs. the Chicago Bulls.

The Heat ran this set almost every time down the floor the last five minutes of the game.  They were really trying to get Kyle Korver X1 to get switched onto Lebron James (3)


Fast Play of the Day by Fast Model Technologies Featuring Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls

The “FastPlay of the Day” by Fast Model Technologies  comes from the Miami Heat. I personally love this action!  (and not just because it’s the Heat…okay maybe! 🙂 )


Many coaches across the nation use Fast Model and Fast Scout for their opponent scouting needs.  From personal experience, it is by far the best team scouting services I have ever used.  It is extremely user friendly and keeps our seasons scouts and diagrams in one location.  If you don’t have it, I suggest you get it.  It will make your life as a scouting coach more seamless.

Fast Model Technologies was founded in 2003 based on the vision of Ross Comerford. As a former basketball player he believed there was a real need for the application of modern technology to the practice of coaching/teaching basketball. The company has steadily expanded and Fast Model products are now in use by 26 NBA Teams and over 600 College Basketball programs, including most of the Top Division 1 Men’s and Women’s programs.  In 2010 alone, thousands of high school and youth programs joined the Fast Model family.

Comerford and staff are basketball junkies.  After every NBA/College Game you can bet they are talking about which plays were the most effective and why.  He even gives us college coaches tips on NBA plays by tweeting the “Fast Play of the Day”.  If you don’t follow @FastModel on Twitter, I suggest you do.  You never know when they will tweet a play that will win your team a game! 😉

Below is the last “Fast Play of the Day” from the Dallas Mavericks:

Is it tough to follow the diagram?  No worries – Comerford and staff uploaded the diagramed play to Youtube.  You can check out the “Fast Play  of the Day from the Mavericks” at

If you would like more information on Fast Model please visit the following website: tell Ross I sent you! 🙂